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Detailing Packages - Mississauga Auto Detail Service

Eco-Passion Paint Work Defects Spa Call for Pricing

A technical detailing apply to rectify the following paint defects includes paintless dents repair, paint chip, paint runs, paint blends, dust nips, orange peel, clear coat scratches, water spotting, calcium/lime, acid rain, rail dusts, break dusts, industrial fallouts, tree sap and wet/dry sanding.

Eco-Passion Clay Bath Spa $269.95 and up

A thorough exterior clay bath remove 99.9% surface contaminants from your vehicle painted surface area, followed by a two stage high speed polishing, wheel wells, rims & tires cleaned/dressed and exterior windows/mirrors polished.

Eco-Passion Flawless Reflections Spa $189.95 and up

Complete exterior detailing includes, our three stage high speed polishing remove light clear coat surface scratches, restores paint like new, door jambs, wheel wells, rims & tires cleaned/dressed, and exterior windows/mirrors polished.

Eco-Passion Breathe Clean Spa $169.95 and up

A thorough deep clean, deodorize and sanitize includes vinyl/leather, dash/panels, trunk, carpet/seats steamed/shampooed, interior/exterior windows and exterior wash. Leaving your car looking and smelling new.

Eco-Passion Platinum Spa $329.95 and up

Includes, Flawless Reflections Spa and Breathe Clean Spa, plus engine shampoo, three stage high speed polishing, door jambs, trunk, wheel wells, rims/tires cleaned and interior/exterior windows cleaned/polished.

Eco-Passion Showroom Finish Spa
(Lease return ready, save your security deposit)
$369.95 and up

Includes, platinum spa, exterior compound, polish & wax, our four stage recondition remove moderate/heavy clear coat surface scratches and oxidization, windows, mirrors, door jambs, trunk, trunk gutters, wheel wells, rims and tires. Leaving your car interior/exterior with a showroom look.

Eco-Passion Odour Elimination Spa $229.95 and up

First Class eco friendly products and ozone equipment used kills 99% germs and bacteria. Smoke, vomit, pet urine, e- coli, streptococcus, fungicidal mould and mildew.

Eco-Passion Maintenance Spa $89.95 and up

A spotless hand/ steam wash, with windows cleaned/polished, dash/vinyl dusted/wipe, tires/rims cleaned/dressed followed by a light vacuum and hand wax.

Eco-Passion Rustproofing $120 and up
Eco-Passion Window Tinting $250 and up

Eco-Passion Individual Detail Services and Prices

Maintenance Wash/Hand Wax $64.95 and up
Hand Steam Wash/Vacuum/Wipe $34.95 and up
Clay Bar Bath $144.95 and up
Engine Steam Shampoo $44.95 and up
Seats Steam/Shampoo $54.95 and up
Carpet Steam/Shampoo $54.95 and up
Rims/Tires Steam Cleaning $34.95 and up
Headliner Steam Cleaning $74.95 and up
Vomit/Mildew Removal $124.95 and up
Milk/Protein Removal $134.95 and up
Extra Soil/Stains Removal $34.95 and up
Pet Hair Removal $54.95 and up
Salt Stain Removal $54.95 and up
Epoxy (road paint) Removal Call for pricing
Calcium/Lime Removal Call for pricing
Decal Removal Call for pricing
Head Light Restoration $44.95 and up
Wet/Dry Sanding & Restore Gloss $135.00/Hour

All prices are base on small compact vehicle and are subject to change without prior notice. Pet hair, Salt stains build up, Mini vans, Pick Up Trucks, SUV's, Station Wagons and Crossovers are extra. Certain restrictions applies, please call for details. Can not be combine with any other promotions.